Over the years, passing on has become a necessity for me: each meeting leads to an exchange, which enriches both the trainee and the trainer. 
Our training programme, fun and detailed, allows us to receive you in groups or individually and thus deliver a training that is as close as possible to your expectations. 
Several trainees have already come to the studio, so why not you!


To train teams, or simply to organise a team building to refocus or reward collaborators, many companies have trusted us to help them learn or precise their knowledge of photography.


Whether it is to familiarize yourself with your new camera, or to get out of the Auto mode, we regularly offer photo workshops. Photography will soon have no more secrets for you.


Once a year, the studio organises a Master Class weekend limited to 8 participants, where we try to review the main lines of photography through both practical and theoretical teaching. A weekend to learn how to shoot like a pro while having fun!